5 Ways to Use Board Books With Your 5 Month Old

From powerful and vibrant illustrations, tackling tough subjects through storytelling, imagination building, inspirational tales, embracing unique and different, there are SO many ways to use a good children’s book.

When friends and family asked what they could purchase for us for our soon-to-be-born I usually replied with “Books!” When we were in the states we visited library bag sales, thrift stores, and local bookstores often. Being in a bookstore is like being surrounded by thousands of places, people, and perspectives that you’ve never experienced. It’s the best way to solve the problem of ignorance!

Our daughter is nearing 5 months old and she enjoys short reading sessions with me. Her favorite thing to do, though, is explore the books with her hands and mouth and look at the pictures with her eyes. Board books are the perfect solution for busy babies!

Here are 5 simple ways to use board books with your babe:

Gallery of Books

Set up the books in a half circle or circle around your baby and set them on their tummy! Let your baby push the books down, gaze at the pictures, or munch on the pages. Exposure to books is the important thing!


Back Down, Book Up

Place your baby down on their back and open a board book up by their side (you can place one book on each side as well). Let your baby push, tug, bite, or point at the pages. Turn the pages every now and then to keep your babe interested!


Board Book Tummy Time

Place your baby on their tummy with the book flat on the mat. Place the book so they can touch it. Your baby may surprise you and try to turn the pages!


Let Me Read A Story

Lay in bed with your babe and read them a story. Place the book in their hands and see if  they want to touch, turn, or taste the pages. Your infant may babble and pretend to read the story to you!


Book Crawl

Now this involves using a large board book. We were lucky to find this AWESOME book of maps at the local school garage sale. I think we bought it for like $1! Any large board book will do, but if you are interested, check out It’s a Big Big World.


How do you share board books with your child? Leave me a suggestion or comment!

Love always,



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