Special Education Needs to Be Dismantled and Rebuilt

Fifteen years have passed since my first teaching experience as an assistant teacher at the center-based special education school in Michigan where my mom spent most of her teaching career. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to teach in classrooms spanning from the United States, Belize, and South Africa, and see firsthand how ableist practices…More

Raising a Kid Who Thinks Differently Than You

By Mari Peterson and April Brown As the neurodiversity paradigm continues to gain attention, we have have been researching and reflecting a lot about how this relates to our own family. Different-thinkers, people who see the world in unique and rainbow-esque ways. Our families have always been here. Life has just been harder and confusing…More

3 Inclusive Summer Activities for Toddlers

Easy activities for parents so you can make the most out of your kid’s summer Co-authored by: Mari Peterson & April Brown During the summer, many parents juggle work with trying to keep their kids busy in between summer camp, summer school, various types of at home care, or respite. And some parents don’t have…More