“April is the most gifted teacher in the world! Her love and passion for children are beyond words! Her kindness and creative approach allow kids to explore their abilities and discover who they really are. We love having April teach our daughter, it is thanks to her that Zaya has developed her artistic skills and a love for reading and learning! Thank you April for inspiring us and teaching us what is really important in education.”

-Aline Habib

“My daughters love April. Even years after she taught them, they still say she’s the best teacher in the world. She made learning for them so fun they looked forward to go to her class everyday! If we had a world filled with teachers like April the world would be a perfect place. That’s how Amazing she is!!”

-Nick Pollard

“My daughter was blessed to have April as a teacher. Today they are still kindred spirits. And when my daughter met April at only 3 years, she was indeed to become a free and kindred spirit by the nature of April as an educator and human being. We met April in Belize, when we had a serious concern about the antiquated system she was enrolled in as a preschooler. We expressed our concerns to April who quickly went to work about how to solve the problem. The education system at the time was not open to new approaches or curriculum.

April has over the years put amazing effort towards changing that. At the time the immediate solution was to “home school” our daughter with April with a few other students.. This led to an amazing journey towards developing a new school in our small village. Now, April has helped forge and make successful and new school as well as improve and serve as a mentor to the government school. To this day, my daughter, now seven, reveres April as her best teacher ever. Just recently they had an opportunity to spend some time together. The impact Teacher April made on my daughter will be with her for life. So many technical impacts that i could go on about, but the connection she instilled on her to learning and self regulation have impacted her so greatly, and our family.

April embodies life and learning. She doesn’t stop at no, but asks why, then finds a solution. Her special education expertise and passion takes a child from challenged to empowered. We’re so fortunate to have had April in our daughters life, especially as she begun her formal learning education. I wish April could be there from the beginning to high school! She will impact so many lives, and take a simple child and allow them to recognize their personal greatness, no matter their strengths or challenges. It is a wonder see April’s education approach. passion. and ability. We are so blessed to have her in our life.”

-Pamela Solomon

“April has all the qualities of a great teacher. She is inspirational, engaging, persistent, infectious, kind, loving, patient, intuitive, humble, I could go on but I think you get the idea. She is the embodiment of a free spirit, of one who has found their true authentic self and share that gift with the world. I feel so blessed to have found her and had her help shape my two wild free spirit boys. The boys are a handful to say the least. We live part time in Colorado where they attend a wonderful school. It is actually constantly ranked one of the best in that sate. It’s a very small school where grades are combined, ie. K and 1st, 2nd and 3rd .

Only a year and a half apart in age but because of the older ones hearing impairment and special needs, and the younger ones emotional issues we were glad that the younger, one just missed the cut off date of ever being in the same room as his older brother. On their own the boys can be pretty well behaved but when they get together, it’s sometimes, to put it mildly, chaos. April was able to handle and engage these two wild beings in her class at the same time, as well as all the other kiddos who have their special needs. The boys and I have such gratitude and love for April, as a teacher and a person.”

-Yolanda Brown

“April is that one special teacher that really makes an impact! She has a way of teaching i have never experienced before. Her genuine interest in the children she teaches is nothing but amazing! We moved from Norway to Belize for 6 months, and she had both my girls in her class at PIA. They loved her, and still think April is the best teacher ever. She used different kinds of art, poetry, music and other fun things to make them safe, confident and able to speak and read the english language very quickly. They both still benefit from Aprils teachings-their english skills are still strong and they are doing great in school back in Norway! April is a kind, authentic and very talented teacher. We still love her, and highly recommend her for any kind of educational work with children!” 

-Gry Almaas

“When my daughter Jasmine first met April, she had a complete block against reading, she had zero confidence in her ability at school and in her own words she “did not feel smart.” She was completely overwhelmed and would just shut down the minute she had to do anything that involved reading or math. She was eight years old and reading at Kindergarten age 4 level. Her homeschool teacher told me that she was dyslexic and also needed to have her pre frontal cortex tested because in her opinion this was a neurological issue…..she also expelled her.

I reached out to April and that was the best decision I could have made. The first thing she said to me was “don’t worry, children learn in 100s of different ways and we just need to find the one that fits Jasmine.” Well, within two weeks of being with April, Jasmine was volunteering to read to me…her confidence went up so much that she couldn’t stop reading….ok granted I listened to Green Eggs and Ham 1000 times….but the sudden and drastic change in how she felt and her attitude towards leaning was more than I could have ever expected in such a short space of time. Jasmine has continued to excel and went up six reading levels in 5 months. Thank you teacher April for giving my little girl her confidence back and showing her that learning can be fun.”

-Lee Brown

“Amazing teacher, with methods that reach out to students with all different needs and wants, loved my son being a part of her classroom and loved being a parent of a student in her classroom. A more genuine experience you couldn’t ask for your child.”

-Cassie Dial

“April has passion that can be felt merely by being in her presence… She genuinely LOVES children and the children can feel that…. they LOVE her too. We were SO blessed to have been a part of Free Spirit Learning for a year! It was the solid foundation they needed to carry on into a “big school setting”. My daughters learned everything from academics to practical life skills like cooking and gardening, even yoga! They were allowed to express themselves in confidence and they felt so comfortable in April’s presence. You know your kids have an amazinggg teacher and learning environment when they wake up in the morning EXCITED to go!

I can’t express enough gratitude to April for being so patient and kind, not to mention ENGAGING with not only my children, but all the children she works with. She is particularly gifted and well versed in working with special needs kids which is what makes her even more valuable . My daughters still ask about April every single day even though it has been a year since they attended April’s learning center. Thanks, April for working with my two daughters who have completely different personalities and needs, making them both feel loved and appreciated just for who they are, while teaching and guiding them to be independent leaders. We absolutely LOVE April.”

-Khadija Assales

“April helped my twin boys move past some language acquisition issues, they both talk up a storm now and are much more comfortable with learning to read and write. Great way with kids, pays keen attention to details of their learning and social behavior and personalizes her teaching methods accordingly.”

-Dr. Lyra Spang