7 Playtime Favorites for One Year Olds

Our daughter is almost thirteen months old. It’s such a blessing to watch her grow in personality, enjoyment, curiosity, and love. Now that she is walking around the house quite confidently, I’ve been able to see what activities she prefers.

Maybe your little one will enjoy some of these ideas, too.

Picture disks.

All you need: a random assortment of tops, velcro, and pictures

It’s amazing to see her recognize faces of our family and friends and spend time taking the pictures off the velcro, putting the pictures back on the velcro, and putting the disks back into the container.


Tupperware with pasta inside

All you need: a variety of containers and different sized pasta to experiment with



Mason jar tops

All you need: mason jar tops from jams, peanut butter, or found at thrift stores/yard sales

She puts these on, under, inside, and behind everything! Also a fun loose part to bring to the beach or during a bath.


Wooden maze

This Melissa & Dough wood can be suctioned to an area. Great to keep little hands curious & busy.


Shape Sorter

Melissa & Doug’s wooden shape sorter was a present to us. The blocks are great for grabbing, moving, and exploring.



All you need: tins from various food and formula containers

These formula tins act as noise makers, rolling objects, drums, containers, blocks, you name it!



Manhattan Toy’s skwish teether & rattle can be pushed down, thrown, bitten, built with, and so much more.


What are some of your kids favorite toys? It’s so interesting to me how many store bought toys don’t stimulate and engage the way that regular household items do! Share your ideas in the comments!

With heart,



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