6 Infant Toys You Already Have

Now that our daughter is nine months old, she is completely aware of all the different toys in her exploration space. She shows preference for certain toys; like the purple puzzle piece with a belt buckle clasp and her tiny indestructible plastic book.

She loves taking apart the drawers of her small storage container, crawling into the empty spaces in her bookshelf, dumping things out of baskets, putting them in other baskets, and pulling herself up on the gate.

She usually stays quite busy (for around 30-45 minutes) but I’m finding out that infants around nine months can start to get bored with toys when they “figure” them out.

I’m of a minimalist attitude and don’t believe in buying a ton of stuff for Harper since she enjoys & learns from what is lying around the house, anyway.

I’ve put together a list of six things you have in your home that you can reuse as infant toys to cut down on spending money!

*Remember that all of these suggestions should be explored with parental supervision.*


Go through your old shoe supply or check out thrift stores/garage sales for cheap shoes. Make sure you clean the shoes first! Your baby will love to play with the laces, and explore the textures on the shoes.


Metal & Plastic Tops 

We go through a lot of spaghetti sauce at our house. The sauce comes in a glass container with these cool tops. I clean them and give them to her. She loves to bang them together. The natural peanut butter we buy comes in a mason jar. The ring around the center is perfect for little hands to grab. And of course, we have a plethora of plastic tops from cashews & peanuts. We try not to buy plastic, but if we do, we can reuse them!

*Be aware of any allergies prior to allowing a child to play with metal and plastic tops from food*


Old Craft Supplies

Do you have old fabric lying around? Or cutouts? These give your baby a chance to explore different colors, textures, patterns, and shapes!


Measuring Cups

I find these all over the explore space. Sometimes in the stuffed animal bin. Or inside a basket. She loves to bang them and put them in her mouth. Plus she sees her parents using them, so it makes the object even more exciting.


Baskets, Baskets, & More Baskets

I wish we had more baskets. Harper loves them! You can store things inside them or just put them out for your baby to flip over, fill, dump, and put together. If the basket has a top, that’s an added bonus.


Old CD’s

How cool are these? I hang them on my daughter’s gate with shoe laces or ribbon. They reflect rainbow colors and look amazing in all types of lighting. You could also just put a bunch of cd’s in a basket and let your baby explore! OR make a CD mobile and hang it from the ceiling.


What infant toys do you have lying around your house? I’d love to hear about them!

With heart,



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