Uninterrupted Block Play

Do you have a busy body, too? It seems like I just had the great idea of Baby in a Box and now my little one is ready to explore something different.

When our littles are engaged, it’s the perfect time to step back and observe.

Today, her dad was playing with her and he built this car out of our blocks.


When he was finished, I came into the room for some mindful play time, away from technology or any distraction. When she is engaged in something, it’s a great time for some uninterrupted play!

Uninterrupted play, to me, means giving your child a chance to explore in his/her own time. Allow some frustration. Problem solving. Concentration. Risks! This is hard for me, as I love to play alongside my daughter.

But uninterrupted play is critical in her development. I think it’s the perfect time to mindfully observe your child’s expressions, joys, solutions. After all, it’s only been seven months & I’m still getting to know this little person.

Here are some observations I made while she was taking apart and exploring her blocks.

First, she takes the block OFF the car. The strength in her hands and fingers is continuing to improve! She has figured out that the whole of the car can be split into parts!


She wants to check out all parts of this object…


She raises her arm up high and her grip is tight. Interesting to see that the block is light enough for her to lift.


She is concentrating. I can tell by the look on her face and her pursed lips and downward gaze!


She sets the block down on the ground.


The next block is taken off and she decides to put in her mouth! Most activities are a full sensory experience with tasting.


Exploration and concentration continue…


Some other observations I made were:

  • She smashed the blocks into the car which made a sound and vibration
  • She rolled the car on its side and after a few grunts, figured out how to get it back up
  • She worked towards solving problems and figured out how the car came apart

Do you allow your infant time for uninterrupted play? What types of toys are their favorites? Do you prefer toys that your infant can take apart and put together? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Much heart always,




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